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Why Use our Consumer Law Solicitors?

Our consumer law solicitors are very experienced in dealing with a range of straightforward and complex cases.

Consumer law involves the rights afforded to consumers designed to protect and provide them with a remedy against damage and loss caused by faulty products that have been purchased. This can often be a confusing area of law and should not be left for you as an individual to resolve we advise that you consult a professional and can assist you by appointing a suitable consumer law solicitor.

Consulting with a consumer law solicitor will increase your chances of success, however, it cannot be guaranteed that you will be successful and we therefore suggest that you first speak with a consumer law solicitor so that your particular circumstances can be discussed in more detail and advice given as to how you should proceed.

Our role is to appoint 2 solicitors to deal with your enquiry. You can make your decision on the solicitors to instruct based on the quality of the initial advice given over the telephone, by email or in person.

Our consumer law solicitors can assist with a range of visas including sale of goods, unfair contract terms, warranties, quality standards, consumer protection and privacy, unfair trading, consumer contracts and electronic commerce.



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