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Why Use our Debt and Insolvency Solicitors?

Our debt and insolvency law solicitors are very experienced in dealing with a range of straightforward and complex cases.

The law of debt and insolvency is a complicated one and there are often many different avenues available to the debtor and choosing the correct one can seem like a mine field.

When you are having money problems, debt is often a difficult area to discuss. Here at Legalface, we will assist you with your queries and appoint a solicitor who is able to advise you of the best option based on your personal circumstances.

Our role is to appoint 2 solicitors to deal with your enquiry. You can make your decision on the solicitors to instruct based on the quality of the initial advice given over the telephone, by email or in person.

Our Debt and Insolvency law solicitors deal with bankruptcy, debt relief orders, voluntary agreements for individuals and companies, informal payment agreements, offers of repayment, unsecured and secured debts, county court judgements, income and expenditure forms, debt recovery and much more.




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