Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ Clients

Why use LegalFace

LegalFace have compiled a panel of immigration lawyers who have expertise in their chosen area of law. You therefore have a pool of solicitors available with just one enquiry making it a quick and easy way to find sound legal advice.

How does it work

This is the easy part, you can either complete the enquiry form, phone us, or email us and we will be in contact with you straight away.

For full information of when happens when you contact us please see how it works.

Do you guarantee the quality of the panel solicitors

All solicitors on our panel our experienced in their field, they are also regulated by the Solicitor Regulation Authority or the Bar Council which means that they are fully vetted.

Do you charge a fee

We will not charge you a fee for finding you the right solicitors; however the solicitors may charge you for legal services provided. You will have the chance to discuss fees up front with your chosen solicitor.

When will the solicitor contact me

As soon as possible after we have passed them your details, usually within a few hours.

Can I contact the solicitor directly?

Once we identity the right solicitor for you we will give you their details, we will also give the solicitors your details, in case you contact them first they would know who you are.

Am I bound to use your solicitors

We are confident that we can find the right solicitor for you, if you do not like the solicitor we recommend we will recommend alternative solicitors at no cost to you. We essentially carry out the search on your behalf. However, you are not obligated to use any solicitor we recommend.

FAQ Solicitors/Barristers

How does it work

We advertise legal services to the general public in particular those in need of legal assistance. We then refer them to you as potential clients.

For full details please see how it works.

How do I join

Joining is simple, please complete the Join us Form and we will send you all the required details.

Do I pay a fee

We do not charge a fee for membership on our panel, we will however charge a referral fee on converted clients.

Are you providing leads

We do not provide you with a lead, we only refer potential clients to you have that we have fully vetted them

Do you comply with the referral code

We fully comply with the referral code, before joining us we will send you all necessary legal documentation and we would enter into a compliance agreement with you.