How Legal Face Works?

Below is our guide to assist new visitors to LegaFace as an explanatory tool box for your convenience.

LegalFace enables our clients to obtain a response to a legal enquiry from two immigration solicitors or direct access barristers after an initial conversation with our client handlers. Once you have received your solicitor’s response then it is entirely your decision whether or not you instruct either solicitor.

The list below explains the process from your telephone or email enquiry until you instruct the solicitor.

  • You either complete a form online with your enquiry or you contact us direct by telephone.
  • You will receive a response by email informing you when we are likely to respond to your enquiry we may also request further information.
  • Your telephone enquiry will be dealt with immediately by one of our case handlers provided we receive adequate information. Should you be required to leave a message detailing your enquiry then you will be contacted by one of our case handlers.
  • Once we have obtained your instructions we will contact two separate solicitor’s firms registered on our panel with your instructions. Both of those solicitors will then contact you providing you with a response to your enquiry. Following the advice you receive the decision is entirely yours to choose either solicitor provided you are satisfied with the response and you are willing to accept any terms and conditions provided by the solicitor
  • Once you have instructed a solicitor and your legal matter is completed we will send you a feedback form online on how you found our service, how you found the solicitor’s service and how this may be improved.

To begin the process, contact us today!