Solicitors can benefit from LegalFace because we focus on generating client business specifically tailored to your firm’s requirements. See how we work.

We take the burden of firms marketing by advertising for legal business on their behalf thereby enabling you to reduce your marketing budget and make a saving.

This will assist your firm to increase business and generate increased income at the same time.

LegalFace will not only advertise legal business to potential clients but will also vet clients to ensure that we understand the nature of their legal enquiry in order for us to make the referral to the solicitor best suited to handle the matter.

We have the online marketing expertise to ensure that consistent online generated customer enquiries.

Our requirements for registration are straightforward and our terms of business are transparent.

  • We do not charge a joining fee
  • We do not charge a subscription fee
  • We charge a percentage of the fee which you charge to the client

We do not charge a fee for membership on our panel; we will however charge a referral fee on converted clients.

We comply with the terms of the referral code and before joining us we will send you all necessary legal documentation and we would sign a compliance agreement with you.